Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Love & Fairytales" by Orion Walsh

If a random guy comes at you during your working hours at the office or while you assidiously prepare for a test at school, telling you that he has discovered "what life is all about", most of us would note the audacity first, most probably telling him to get lost right away. Well, Orion Walsh is our marvellous guest today, who is apparently successful doing it by the help of a guitar with pretty strong and charming beats. My guess is that even a group of pirates would not give way to a mutiny while listening to his inspiring tune (assuming that they are avid music lovers of course).

Although Nebraskan singer Orion Walsh released his first album in 2008, he has been touring the US and Europe for the last 10 years and has some history in music with his previous band "Slow Coming Day". He has gained quite a reputation, with some of his tracks being used in some movies and TV shows including America's Next Top Model.

I came across his work titled "Love & Fairytales" on Embark Photography's Soundcloud feed. The track is quite inspiring with meaningful lyrics and I'm sure that the ones who love the sound of guitar will truly cherish this one. That being said, let's get down to listen this incredible song.

And here are the lyrics of Love & Fairytales by Orion Walsh, I tried to be as accure as I could.

Love is only true in fairytales
And we are destined to fail
And life is only but a flash
We come flesh and we turn into ash

Some say we're just spinning
Shows again
What has the beginning
Must end

Time will take you by the hand
And leave you over the ledge
And the mind will steal all you have
Till you're dressed
Till you're dressed up in rags

Love is only true in fairytales

Orion Walsh has released 4 albums so far (Tornado Lullabies, Freedom Lost Freedom Found, The Hitchhiker's Song, First by Water Then by Fire) with his first album Tornado Lullabies (2008) being downloadable for free, here. From his website, we learn another one called "Rambling Hearts" will soon occupy the racks in music stores and what's more, yet another one, actually in the form of casette tape will be on sale with limited amount via The Hunter Records. (Orion hopes you still have your old Walkman!) Feel free to support his work, and get updates on his recent tour in the US by the help of the links below which will direct you to his pages.